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Your Will:

A Tribute to Your Heritage

By writing your Will and keeping it up‑to‑date, you can determine the distribution of your assets and be sure that your family, friends and institutions you care about will benefit in accordance with your wishes.

If you do not have a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with state law ‑ and this impersonal formula may not meet your wishes.  Making a Will enables you to instruct the distribution of your estate.  It is the easiest and safest way to accomplish your objectives.

We hope that you will consider including the Columbus Citizens Foundation in your Will.  A charitable bequest for the Columbus Citizens Foundation assures the continuance or our work to promote the many accomplishments and contributions of Italian and Italian-American people.  We also provide scholarship funding for students of Italian descent, who have the ability to succeed in school but are in need of financial assistance.

Write Your Will

Everyone should have a Will. It is not only for the elderly and the wealthy.  If you do not have a Will, you give up your control over the distribution of your assets.  While state law does provide distribution for your relatives, they may not benefit in the way you wish.  

Children, for example, would receive the same amount with no consideration for their individual and differing needs.  People outside of your family, as well as charitable institutions, will not be remembered.  By making your Will you can express your wishes about:

  • Beneficiaries ‑ Without a Will, some relatives and friends for whom you would like to provide may be excluded.
  • A guardian for your children ‑ Without a Will, and if your spouse is not alive, the court will appoint a guardian.  This may not be the person you would have selected to care for your children.
  • An executor to administer your estate ‑ Without a Will, the court will appoint an administrator who may not understand your wishes and could charge an exorbitant fee.
  • Avoiding or minimizing taxes, fees and expenses ‑ Without a Will, a larger portion of your assets could pass to the government and to administrators rather than your beneficiaries.

Without a Will, institutions you intended to support, such as the Columbus Citizens Foundation, will not be remembered.

See An Attorney

We strongly urge you to consult a lawyer in preparing your Will.  You want to be certain that your Will is legally correct and that your intentions will be satisfied.

There are certain decisions that can be made, or ideas considered, before meeting with an attorney.  This preparation can reduce the time spent with an attorney and, therefore, the cost of legal consultation.  You can approximate the value of your estate and determine who should share in it. Make a list that includes:

  • Your legal name, social security number, date and place of birth and current address.  Provide the same information for a spouse.
  • Information regarding deceased or former spouses.
  • The names and addresses of immediate relatives.
  • The names and addresses of other individuals and non‑profit institutions you wish to benefit.
  • All of your assets, how they are owned and their approximate value.
  • Your liabilities.
  • The name and address of the person you wish to serve as executor or executrix.
  • The names and addresses of guardians you may wish to name for minor children.
  • The specific item, dollar amount or percentage of your estate you wish to give to each beneficiary.

A Charitable Bequest for the 

Columbus Citizens Foundation

You can help provide future support by including a charitable bequest for the Columbus Citizens Foundation in your Will. By doing so, you will continue your support of the promotion of Italian language, culture and heritage.

For more information about Wills and/or a charitable bequest for the Columbus Citizens Foundation, please complete and submit the form below.  For more information, you may also email Lisa Ackerman, Executive Director, or call her at (212) 249-9923.

This page is intended to provide accurate and authoritative material of a general nature. Neither the author, the publisher, nor the Columbus Citizens Foundation, is engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service. To determine the applicability to your own situation of the principles contained herein, the services of competent legal counsel should be sought. 

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