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The 72nd Annual Columbus Celebration Wrap Up

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72nd Annual Celebration President, Grand Marshal & Honorees (L to R): Angelo Vivolo, Federica Marchionni, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Robert La Penta, & Mario Batali 

We are pleased to announce that this year’s Columbus Celebration was another incredible success, producing one of our largest nets ever thanks to the tremendous support of this year’s Grand Marshal, Honorees, and special entertainment at the Waldorf Astoria Gala. Grand Marshal Robert La Penta and Honorees Mario Batali and Federica Marchionni gave moving speeches at the annual Gala. Arianna Bergamaschi and The Brian Newman Quintet’s musical performances at the Gala helped draw in a great crowd to the Waldorf Astoria’s beautiful ballroom.

None of this year’s incredible events could have happened without the Celebration Chairmen, Foundation staff, and volunteer committee foundation members. These individuals generously gave so much of their time and energy to ensure the success of the many events of this year’s Celebration.

Thank you to this year’s Celebration Chairmen: Louis A. Tallarini and Ralph Balzano (Celebration), Lawrence E. Auriana (Italian Affairs), Alfred M. Catalanotto and Aldo Verrelli (Parade), Janice M. Galli Becker (Silent Auction), Frank G. Fusaro and Frank Marzano (Media), Anthony F. Giordano and Anthony M. Mallardi (Journal), Matthew Classi (Dinner), Michael F. Pedone (Marketing), and Domenick Schinco (Mass). And, as always, a special thank you to our Foundation Members and donors, on whom we rely to help support this immense display of Italian-American pride and culture. The Celebration would not have been a success without you!
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