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2014 Scholarship Ceremonies

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Congratulations to the 2014 Columbus Citizens Foundation Scholarship Award Recipients! 

Scholarship Committees selected finalists for the CCF Scholarship program, and the ceremonies took place this past June. This year, the Foundation committed multi-year scholarships to one hundred eighty students: thirty-nine college and sixty-one high school students received four-year scholarships. Eighty elementary students received three-year grants.

Still to come this month is the Foundation's Adopt-A-Scholar dinner, at which donors and students get a chance to meet at the Townhouse.  The Adopt-A-Scholar program is unique in that the Foundation names the scholarships after the donors, or in honor of the donors' loved ones, and sometimes they are designated for students enrolled to the donor's alma mater.  The student selection process for Adopt-A-Scholar is otherwise the same as with all the Foundation's scholarship programs.

Many students would not be able to attend the schools to which they are accepted without the support of a Foundation scholarship. Elementary School Scholarship Chairman Desiree Cilmi Vitali recalled an example of a particular recipient who was a Foundation scholarship recipient throughout elementary, high school, and college.  He was very bright and accepted at multiple top-tier universities, but his family was unable to afford the tuition to any of these prestigious universities.  Fortunately, the Columbus Citizens Foundation’s scholarship made the difference and allowed him to attend the school of his choice.


In addition to the scholarship ceremonies, the Foundation has been preparing for its 2014 Columbus Day Celebration.  Celebration Committees have already started meeting to plan the events that celebrate our heritage and honor proud and successful Italian Americans in the area and bring attention and financial support for the Foundation's mission of education.  The committees are composed of volunteer Members of the Foundation who assist in the planning of the Parade, Gala at the Waldorf Astoria, fundraising journal, charity auction, and car raffle. We are very excited for this year's celebration and look forward to sharing it with everyone!

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